Specialists in periodic pressure testing, automatic fire suppression agents and recovery, recycling, certifying and storing of HFCs and ODS including Halons.

Customer service is a very vital part of our company policy, from the point of enquiry to completion of requirements we ensure that all the needs of our customers are met with the highest professionalism and service for the protection of both human resources and critical assets.

Fire suppression systems

Meridian provides a bespoke service exchange package ensuring downtime is eliminated, maintaining constant asset protection. Meridian is a name also synonymous with the collection, reclamation and safe disposal of redundant fire-safety cylinders.


Meridian provides Halon banking and recycling services to Critical Users as per EU744/2010. Our Halon bank is equipped with state of the art facilities capable of recovering, recycling and storage of Halon for Critical Users including Aviation and military applications around the world. Meridian supplies products and services to a wide portfolio of sectors including Ministry of Defence and Police Authorities, Facilities Management, Power generation, data centres, shipping and off-shore platforms.