Ministry of Defence

From aircraft carriers and assault ships to small patrol boats and survey vessels, the Royal Navy can call upon an arsenal of warships and weaponry to meet any challenge thrown up by global crises – be they man-made or acts of God.

Halons are, or have been, used by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in fire protection systems in:

• Naval vessel main machinery spaces, engine compartments/rooms, diesel generator spaces and electrical compartments,

• AFV crew compartments,

• Aircraft engine nacelles, cabins, cargo compartments, lavatories, and dry bays

• Buildings, in computer rooms, control and operations centres

• Airfield crash rescue vehicles

For over 10 years our expertise and ability has been utilized in order to meet and to realize the scope and complexity of MoD projects.

Meridian has successfully overhauled and refilled suppression cylinders which protect ships and the crew in very extreme circumstances.