Business Unit Systems

“The Business Unit Systems provides complete fire safety systems, composed for a specific building or area. If you need to satisfy the requirements for your sector, you often won’t be able to avoid the necessity of customised design of certain parts. This Business Unit guarantees exactly this kind of customisation, right up to a maintenance and service package that suits your needs.

Though in a new building we encounter an ideal, blank canvas as starting point, it is more often the case that existing but out-of-date systems require upgrading. As customer, you will want to retain as much of your existing investment as possible. We understand this and, because we have our own engineering department, we can expand or upgrade existing systems, even if these are not our own.

We create solutions for all market segments. Because of our approach at national and regional level, we serve high, middle and low segments. Our dealer network is extensive, so you can always find us near your location. With 200 qualified employees in this Business Unit we fulfil our promises.

Fire safety systems in buildings have to perform three tasks: detection, evacuation and extinguishing. Those three components are exactly what you will find in our approach. The combination of these three areas always leads to the best solution. No need to explain that to us. We know.”