Halon Banking

Meridians Halon bank is equipped with state of the art facilities capable of recovering, recycling and storing of Halon for Critical Users (as per EU744/2010 Annex VI). Meridians Banking procedure was established to better serve customers ensuring little to no downtime and meeting quick turnaround for cylinder refills.

Fire suppression system discharges happen both when there is a fire and the system is functioning correctly and when there is an accident due to human error or system malfunctions. The purpose of our banking service is to be prepared for any situation.

There are numerous benefits of having a Banked Stock. The main benefit is cost savings. Too much money is spent on expediting fees. Having a reserve in place eliminates these costs. Minimizing downtime is also very important.  No one can predict when a fire suppression system will discharge but with this program you will be ready.

Meridians facility has the expertise to provide a range of Ozone Depleting Substance management service to both UK and international customers.

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